Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY Vase

So I've spend last night and most of today on Pinterest looking at DIY and crafts. I came across a bunch of different projects I want to do once my summer school session is over!

Today I took some time for a DIY vase (and a cherry blossom painting which will be in it's own post later). It was fun and I forgot how relaxing doing something creative can be.

You take a bottle ( plastic, glass, etc) and use a glue gun to write or design whatever you want on it. Let that dry and then start panting the bottle however you want! I used acrylic paints, but I think the tutorial I found used spray paint.

Mine is a little bit messy. But it was fun to make, and it was really relaxing. Plus it was my first attempt. 

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  2. So pretty! I can see myself getting a little crazy with these. There are so many possibilities, and I could always use another bottle turned flower vase!

  3. i have to try this!!! such a great idea :) cute blog.

  4. thank you guys for the comments. :] it makes me feel good about it! haha
    It's fun to make. I want to make more, more elegant ones. I think spray paint might work better, not sure.

    I will check out your guys blogs as well. :]