Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cherry Blossom Painting

This project is really fun, easy, and quick. You can paint a cherry blossom tree using 2 liter soda bottles! The bottom of the soda bottle will make the blossoms have the 5 petals.

You need to paint the branches/stem (I mixed colors together to make a darkish grey color).
After you let that dry, pour pink paint onto a plate and dip the bottom of the soda bottle into the paint and place it on the painting wherever you would like a blossom. Make sure to dip the soda bottle between each blossom.

I will be sure to post better pictures of this when I get them off my camera! :]

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Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY Vase

So I've spend last night and most of today on Pinterest looking at DIY and crafts. I came across a bunch of different projects I want to do once my summer school session is over!

Today I took some time for a DIY vase (and a cherry blossom painting which will be in it's own post later). It was fun and I forgot how relaxing doing something creative can be.

You take a bottle ( plastic, glass, etc) and use a glue gun to write or design whatever you want on it. Let that dry and then start panting the bottle however you want! I used acrylic paints, but I think the tutorial I found used spray paint.

Mine is a little bit messy. But it was fun to make, and it was really relaxing. Plus it was my first attempt. 

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


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Blog Update

Hello lovelies :]

Since I didn't really get to introduce the blog in a post, I just wanted to say welcome and I hope you enjoy the blog. It's not much right now, but it will be! ;]

Pretty soon I plan to make our own layout/design besides the current/temporary one that is up right now.

If you have the chance, share our blog and show us some love.

XO Traci

Oh, bandeau!

So my new favorite clothing item would have to be the bandeau. So it's not new as in a new type of clothing, but it's new to my style. It's a great piece of clothing to mix and match with other tops to make your wardrobe seem even bigger. Right now I only have three, I definitely plan on buying more. I have a hot pink leopard one, hot pink solid, and purple solid. The solid colors are easier to match with tops, especially if the tops have patterns already.

I got mine at Styles for Less.

I apologize for the lack of quality pictures of this post. I snapped these pictures before I went out or went to class really quickly. But now that I have this blog, I plan on taking better photos of the clothes and more full body shots to show the outfits better! :]

Bandeau: Styles for Less
Tank Top: Forever 21
Necklace: Obey

Bandeau: Styles for less
Take Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Styles for Less
Sandals: Target

Bandeau: Styles for Less
Tank Top: Forever 21
Necklace: Obey

Bandeau: Styles for less
Tank Top: Target

Bandeau: Styles for Less
Tank Top: Hot Styles Boutique
Leggings: Forever 21

Hole in the Wall Burger Joint

Living in Los Angeles this last year has opened me up to a lot of new wonders, especially with food. Back home with my family (which is only 35 minutes east of LA) the only thing you can have delivered is pizza, in LA you can have almost anything delivered. And another great thing is that most places that you need are in walking distance or a short drive. 

Today, I barely had anything to eat because I was in a rush to drive back to LA for class. After class I got Starbucks and looked through yelp for something new to try. I found Hole in the Wall Burger Joint (yes! that's it's name). It had really good reviews so I decided to try it. It was only a 5 minute drive from my apartment.

It's like a subway (almost) for burgers. When you walk in, instead of ordering your food by telling the employee what you want, there's a table with a bunch of slips of paper to mark down exactly what you want.

You choose your "protein" ($8.95). Your bun (they even have pretzel buns - which I tried and loved). What you want on it, some cost a $1 more each, others are free to add on. Fries are about $2.75 (regular or sweet potato). And they also have drinks, of course.

I ordered a burger, with provolone cheese, avocado, tomato, red onion, chipotle mayo (yummy!), and sweet potato fries. I think this burger was the biggest burger I've ever had. The fries were good as well. my total came out to $13 and some change. A big pricey, but in my opinion the quality was good. :]